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to create wealth in the digital era.

Wealth Design Studio is a learning platform offering finance & professional courses that are accredited by the
Institute of Banking & Finance.

Why learn with us?

Unlock skills to build your wealth overtime. 

Create a financially secure life by investing in skills that you can use for work and enable you to reach your financial goals.

Accredited courses
taught by industry experts.

Our courses' expert-designed curriculum are accredited by the Institute of Banking & Finance, and developed by industry leaders with tried-and-tested insights. 

Subsidies available & SkillsFuture Credit eligible.

Learning online has never been easier! Save and study from the comfort of your home. 

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We offer a curated list of courses taught by renowned trainers to ensure a great learning experience.


Our Training Framework

Learning Experience
- Taught by Top Industry Practitioners
- Practical & Up-to-Date Curriculum
- Implementable Strategies
Student Support After Course
- Email Support 
- Community Updates on Social Channel

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Featured Courses

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Acquire an in-depth understanding of how social media can help you boost sales, reach out to your unique target audience, and encourage customer engagement. 

Social Media Marketing

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Value Investing Series

Explore the fundamentals of value investing with insights from financial analysts and learn how to build your investment portfolio with growth companies.

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