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Invest in Knowledge with Real World Experts

Unlock skills to build wealth with our curated courses, taught by industry leaders

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The MasterClass Experience 

Small Class Size

Verified Trainers with Real Life Experience

Trainer Designed Course Curriculum

Exclusive 1x a Month Training Schedule 

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Start your journey today


Unlock skills to build your wealth overtime

Create a financially secure life by investing in skills that you can use for work and enable you to reach your financial goals


Accredited courses taught by experts

Our courses' expert-designed curriculum developed by industry leaders with tried-and-tested insights


Subsidies available & SkillsFuture Credit eligible

Receive up to 70% on course fees, offset remaining costs with government subsidies

Meet Instructors from our Masterclasses

Invest like a financial analyst, grow your business like a marketing pro or learn how to automate your business with courses taught by the best in the industry

Featured Courses

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Intelligent Investing
in the Era of Disruption

Strengthen your investment portfolio with this comprehensive course. Combine knowledge of timeless value-investing principles with an understanding of the investible mega-trends of the current era. 

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Multi-Channel Marketing for Social Media

This course will give trainees hands-on experience in setting up and running social media campaigns. Guided by an industry expert, they will also gain insight into making strategic social media marketing strategies and best practices.

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Learn from the best in the industry


Learn to automate repetitive and time consuming digital-work processes and scale efficiently with Robotics Process Automation. With minimal coding required, you can bring a futuristic impact to your organisation and replace time consuming, error-prone digital tasks with ‘software bots’.

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WIX Website Development

In this course, you will learn how to create multi-functional and dynamic websites without any coding or designing knowledge. Uncover various Wix features to enhance the UI and UX of a website and transform it into a mesmerizing experience for site visitors.

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Canva Design

Join this course to learn to create engaging, attractive and professional-like graphic designs in 3 days. Learn to create designs that are not only visually attractive but also clearly convey the concept behind them. These designs are printable and can be used for personal and business purposes.

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