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About Wealth Design Studio

A Learning Platform which matches you with the best course for your learning needs.

Wealth Design Studio is a training platform which provides courses aimed at equipping PMETs with skills that will keep them relevant and enhance their ability in their chosen profession.

Of special note are our MasterClass courses, which aim to provide learners with a premium experience. These classes are conducted by veterans in their field, offering learners a chance to learn from real-life case studies as well as gain unique insights from the trainer’s personal experience.

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Training Provider
Unicorn Financial Solutions

Unicorn Financial Solutions (UFS) is Singapore's leading independently owned financial solutions provider. Established in 2011, UFS currently serves over 7,000 clients and continue to dedicate ourselves to offering authentic advice to each one of them. UFS is the training provider for the Financial Training Programme - "Intelligent Investing in the Era of Disruption".


Marketing Partner
Wealth Design Studio

Wealth Design Studio (WDS) is an educational and marketing platform that aims to simplify and answer questions relating to wealth and investments for Singaporeans.

By introducing to the public a virtual education series as conducted by Seow Kek Wee, Head of Investment Research at Unicorn Financial Solutions and his team, we hope that learning to invest is an engaging and communal activity.

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