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Financial literacy for everyone.

IBF-accredited Programmes

Learn investing the credible way

Wealth Design Studio introduce programmes conducted by Unicorn Financial Solutions (introduces IBF-accredited) that consist of the fundamentals of investing.

Community Events

Be informed of risks and opportunities

Stay up to date with live shows on social media to bring you the latest insights on the economy and stock market.

Speak with a professional advisor

Learn the ropes and make the most of your investing ventures with a diverse portfolio designed according to risk appetite and income.

1-to-1 Consultations


Seow Kek Wee

Head of Investment Research
Unicorn Financial Solutions

"People who are investing based on the old paradigm run a risk of wealth destruction through investing.

By conducting this course, I hope to see many more people succeed in investing and go on to live a prosperous, happy, and fulfilling life just as I have been blessed with in my life."


The principles of value investing remain timeless even though its applications evolved. In this course, I will share why and how it has evolved, as well as how to invest in light of its evolution. I use the same principles in my personal investing and I hope that people can pick up these skills to create their own successful investment portfolios."

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