Value Investing Series

Financial Statement Analysis and Detecting Incongruence in Financial Statements

Class Duration: 28 Hours
Weekend and Weekday 

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No background in accounting? No problem.
Learn how to perform stock valuations the right way.
Course Overview

A deeper dive into the value investing mastery, where you will focus on 
how to analyse financial statements for a more comprehensive understanding
on risks and performance trends.

Course Takeaways

​By the end of the course, you will be able to: ​​

  • Compare the performance of prospective stocks by analysing financial statements.

  • Gain deeper company insights by examining the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

  • Analyse financial statements with the understanding of accounting standards.

  • Identify potential stocks by calculating profitability and balance sheet ratios.

  • Detect fraudulent activities to avoid risky investments.

  • Understand auditor's opinions and their disclaimers to make informed investment decisions. 

Who Should Attend
  • Students who completed the intelligent investing course.

  • Beginner to intermediate investors

  • Financial consultants

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners

Training Duration:

28 Hours

Available Schedules:

Weekend: 3 full days, 9am-6pm​

Weekday: 7 evenings, 6.45pm-10.15pm

Mode of Training:

Online Training via Zoom

Key Details

Course Title

Financial Statement Analysis and Detecting Incongruence in Financial Statements

Course Reference Number



Participants who fulfil all requirements
will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by the Approved Training Provider.

What You'll Learn


The 3 Types of
Financial Statements

Understand how income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements are analysed to determine stock potential. 


Measure Growth with Key Financial Ratios

Use key financial ratios to gain meaningful information about a stock's overall growth, profitability, cash flow, efficiency and financial health.

Untitled design (6).png

Understand Auditor's Opinions

Uncover why auditor's opinions matter, and how to decipher its meanings on a company's financial statements.

Untitled design (6) copy.png

Evaluate Companies' Efficiencies with
Cash Conversion Cycles

Assess a company's management effectiveness by how quickly they are able to turn over cash in relation to their industries.

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 8.50.39 PM.png

Determine Financial Health with Debt Analysis

Analyse how much debt a company is using to finance its assets relative to the amount of value in assets or shareholders’ equity.

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 9.10.05 PM.png

Real life case studies


Visit past case studies to see return on investments and understand strategies used.

Course Outcomes

Dive deep into financial statements to pick better-performing stocks

Understand red flags and growth factors when looking at financial statements.

Use key financial ratios to get a sense of a company's outlook and performance.

Read auditors' opinions with greater insight on reported numbers.

Forecast the likely impact
of management's efforts
on future performance.

For financial advisors, you will learn how to recommend investable assets with careful research and evaluation.

Guide by Industry Experts

and Investment Researcher

*Only one trainer will be facilitating per class.


Seow Kek Wee

Program Developer

As Head of Investment Research at Unicorn Financial Solutions, Kek Wee leads a team of financial analysts in managing $500 million worth of assets. With his years of expertise in financial research and value investing, Kek Wee played a crucial role in designing the course curriculum, that has now been accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance.


Hermawan Christanto

Main Trainer

Serving a investment clientele of 160 diverse professionals, Hermawan works closely with Kek Wee as a Research Specialist and is also known for his lively energy as an instructor in the virtual classroom. 

Reviews by our graduates

"What we learnt was very informative and not something you can just Google.

There were quizzes and group discussions to make the online learning experience very engaging."


Course Review by Ang Keng Wee, Graduate, 2020

—  Name, Title

Fees & Subsidies

Up to course fee 90% subsidies &
course fee is payable with Skillsfuture Credit.

Course Fee Table
Full Course Fee
Individually Sponsored Singapore Citizens and PR
FI & Fintech Sponsored Singapore Citizen & PR
Subsidy Quantum
90% inclusive of GST
90% exclusive of GST
Payable Fees after Subsidy

Terms & Conditions Applicable:
* All of the prices above are inclusive of GST.
* Up to 90% Enhanced Funding Support is available for training programmes commencing between 8 April 2020 and 31 December 2021.
* Course fee subsidy for self-sponsored individual is inclusive of GST, course fee subsidy for company-sponsored individual is exclusive of GST.
* Companies eligible to submit claims for company-sponsored participants include Singapore-based financial Institutions regulated by MAS (licensed or exempt from licensing by MAS) andFinTech firms certified by Singapore FinTech Association (Terms and Conditions apply). SkillsFuture Credit cannot be used to co-fund the programme fees of company-sponsored training programmes.

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Payment Process

Class Preparation

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  • This application fee  will be refunded upon programme completion.

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  • You will be added into your class WhatsApp group chat 1-2 weeks before the course begins.

  • Our Course Administrator will contact you to complete the enrolment process via SkillsFuture Credit deduction or Paynow/Bank Transfer payment on our Learning Management System.

  • The Zoom class link will be shared in advance in the WhatsApp Group. 

  • Access the learning materials on the Learning Management System for reading.

  • You are encouraged to prepare 2 devices (laptop, tablet or phone) during the class, to navigate between Zoom and learning materials more easily.

Course Schedule

Class Code
Duration of Training
Nett Fee After Subsidy (Individual)
Nett Fee After Subsidy (FI & Fintech Sponsored)
4 Days
7 Nights
4 Days
7 Nights
4 Days
7 Nights
4 Days
7 Nights

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